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fall landscape
fall landscape

Summer is winding down, and temperatures are beginning to cool off, a sign that fall is just around the corner.

At LaurelRock, when the fall season arrives, we aren’t winding down, we are working to prepare our client’s landscapes for next spring. While most of us associate spring as the time to bring new life and changes to our outdoor spaces, early fall is also optimal. New landscaping benefits from more consistent rainfall and mild temperatures during this season, making for an excellent growing environment to allow lawns and plantings to become established. Therefore, now is the time to have one of our Garden Property Managers or Designers come to evaluate your landscape, assess how it’s performing, and determine areas of improvement.


Has your lawn been stressed by the summer heat and activity? Now is the best time of year to start turning your grass around. Cooler weather, more rain, and less weed competition provide the best conditions to seed or sod. Your lawn can be further strengthened with proper renovations such as core aerating, dethatching, and overseeding. Maintaining a healthy lawn requires three critical elements; a fertilization & healthcare program, proper mowing, and accurate irrigation management. If all are not working together, it can deliver poor results.

spring flowers

Landscape renovations often involve adding new plantings, so if you anticipate having a new look come spring, now is the best timing for installation and transplanting. Before the winter sets in, you want to plant new trees, shrubs, spring-blooming bulbs, and perennials to allow them to get rooted and have a stronger start come spring. Beautiful varietals for adding spring color are daffodils, allium, tulips, Spanish bluebells, grape hyacinths, crocus, snowdrops, and more. The cooler temperatures and increased rain help root plant development and also reduce the initial shock a plant experiences when it is transplanted.

For trees it is ideal to evaluate their health before leaves drop, making it easier to identify stress and dead branches. Adding plantings now also provides winter interest, especially if using evergreens, to your outdoor space during the dormant season.

Lastly, nurseries are restocking with new plants, providing variety and freshness of plantings. Contact us today so we can ensure your landscape remains healthy throughout the fall and winter months and is blooming come spring, (203) 544-0062.