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Going Green

Green Walls / Roofs

Green walls and rooftop gardens are sprouting up everywhere! Homeowners and commercial businesses alike are excited about bringing plant life to different spaces in creative new ways. Imagine your home or workplace with the serenity of a “living” wall. Picture your rooftop bursting with succulents, grasses, and colorful drought tolerant perennials.

Going Green with Living Roofs and Living Walls

Through LaurelRock’s partnership with Green Living Technologies International (GLTi), we can design and install custom-built green walls and roofs using only the highest quality and most enduring materials, including stainless steel and aluminum. LaurelRock is a certified installer for GLTi green roof and green wall systems.

We also install LiveRoof and other poly-based systems, which offer terrific alternatives for homeowners who want the benefits of a green roof or wall at a more affordable price point.

The LaurelRock Company provides sustainable offerings including living walls.
The LaurelRock Company provides sustainable offerings including live roofs and green walls.

A sampling of our offerings:

  • Wall mounted interior and exterior green walls from 2’ X 2’ framed explosions of foliage to two-story tall tropical tapestries. Custom sizes and designs available.
  • Freestanding green walls, which can be moved from room to room, inside or out.
  • Edible green walls that can be mounted out on the deck or in the kitchen for easy, year-round access to vegetables and herbs.
  • Exterior green roofs planted with low-maintenance, drought-tolerant perennials that grow atop a waterproofed, flat roof substructure. Custom sizes and designs available.

LaurelRock’s “Green Team” will evaluate, recommend and build green roof and green wall systems based on the specific needs dictated by your growing environment and building structure.

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