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Trusted Landscape Contractor Serving Westport, CT

Along the Long Island Sound lies the vibrant town of Westport. The town was incorporated in 1835 and became known for its agriculture industry. With access to a seaport, it became a dominating force in the industry. During the 1900s, Westport, CT experienced a cultural expansion, as many artists, musicians, and authors began to establish their lives there. The scenic beauty, artisan heritage, proximity to and influence from New York City have helped it grow into such an affluent community. It’s become home to many influential people and businesses.

Owning a home is a lot of responsibility, from keeping the interior of your home tidy to maintaining the lawn and gardens. Maintaining your home’s landscape is key to leaving a positive impression on the community and improving its property value. Landscape maintenance is a big responsibility for any homeowner but with the right landscape contractor, your outdoor space can be transformed. Trust the landscape specialists at LaurelRock to take care of your lawn and gardens.

Looking for a Landscaping Service to Enhance Your Outdoor Space?

LaurelRock is an experienced landscape maintenance company serving Westport and the surrounding Connecticut areas. We have decades of experience with lawn and garden care, which is why we are qualified to help you keep your property looking its best. We offer full-service landscaping, so you can sit back and relax while we do the yard work. The property maintenance program includes landscape maintenance, gardening, seasonal clean-ups, turf applications, lawn irrigation management, and tree trimming services. If you’re looking to expand your entertaining space, our landscape contractors specialize in patio, stone wall, and outdoor kitchen installations. Contact us to learn more about how our landscaping services can enhance your Westport, CT property!