Going Green

Embracing Sustainable Landscaping

At LaurelRock, we encourage our clients to bring sustainable practices into their landscapes and their lives. Whether you are looking to grow your own fruits and vegetables or incorporate a green roof or wall (indoors or out), our team of designers and horticulturalists can bring your vision to life from conception to installation and provide expert on-going care. We are also committed to responsible water management and conservation of our natural resources. Our approach is to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system while providing the proper amount of water for optimal plant health.

Green Walls / Roofs

Homeowners and commercial businesses in our area are embracing the concept of rooftop gardens and green walls for their homes and workplaces.

Edible Gardens

Transform your garden into a delectable buffet just steps from your backdoor.

“Smart” Irrigation Controllers

We offer Base Line “Smart” Irrigation Controllers that allow our team to manage your irrigation system off site as well as on.