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Irrigation Efficiency

“Smart” Irrigation Controllers

LaurelRock offers several types of “Smart” Irrigation Controllers that allow our maintenance team to manage your irrigation system, on- or off-site.

Efficiency & Convenience

The Hydrawise by Hunter is our most advanced system, which is built to be controlled via any internet-ready device including iPads, smartphones, and laptops. It includes a smart watering system with patented soil moisture sensors that allow for watering levels to be monitored and adjusted daily, weekly, or monthly as needed – saving water and money along the way. Better yet, the 24/7 monitoring provided by this controller alerts LaurelRock personnel via email as soon as a problem arises.

Our other advanced systems offer both replacement and add-on smart controllers. These controllers communicate with nearby weather stations and self-adjust their programs based on current weather patterns and precipitation. In some towns, installing a smart controller can alleviate the need for you to have to follow the water restriction bans. The end result is responsible water management and peace of mind, even while you’re away, that your irrigation system is being constantly monitored and maintained at peak performance by our team.

The LaurelRock Company provides sustainable offerings including "Smart" Irrigation.
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