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LaurelRock’s Garden & Property Manager, Colleen Kinyon, shares her favorite trends of the season!

This year, add some autumn spice to your landscape, front porch, or patio with fabulous fall flower planters and containers. Colleen Kinyon, LaurelRock’s Garden & Property Manager (and maintenance and design pro), offers some of her favorite tips for bright and beautiful fall décor.

Go Big. Go Bright.
While mounds of mums still remain a favorite, it’s also fun to celebrate harvest hues by planting bright perennials (for a splash of seasonal color) and ornamental grasses (for height) in your fall containers. Some of Colleen’s favorite additions: Coral Bells, Coneflowers (in red, orange, and yellow), Dusty Miller, and Heaths and Heathers.

“The great aspect of using perennials in containers is that these perennials can be given a ‘second life’ by transplanting them into the garden for continued years of enjoyment,” says Colleen.

LaurelRock’s Garden & Property Manager, Colleen Kinyon, shares her favorite trends of the season!

Get Crazy for Kale.
According to Colleen, one the biggest changes in fall container trends has been the overwhelming choices of incredible new colors and leaf textures available in ornamental kales and cabbages. Color combinations for kales and cabbages range from new tall varieties that are almost burgundy and purple in color to an array of light pink and lavender hues. Cabbages and kales come in standard compact heads to newer varieties that are almost “lacy” in texture. For an easy autumnal arrangement, Colleen suggests grouping flowering kale with bright, vibrant flowers.

Put a Little Pepper in your Planter.
Yes, really. Ornamental peppers, which now come in a wide range of fiery fall colors and varieties – like Salsa Deep Orange, Salsa Yellow, and Purple Flash – are a fun way to add bold color to your planter. There are so many combinations, it’s hard to choose just one! (Fun fact: While ornamental peppers are safe to eat, they are normally grown for their attractive color and ornamental qualities rather than their flavor, which many find disappointing. Plus, most people consider them too hot to enjoy anyway.)

And for the final touch …
The appearance of your fall planters can be further enhanced by the addition of pumpkins, gourds, dried leaves, and branches. Nature’s bounty of natural elements will offer timeless seasonal flair!

The possibilities are endless for your fall planters – especially when you can mix-and- match blazing tones of orange and yellow against cool shades of purple and blue. Contact us today and let us help you with your fall outdoor decorating that will span throughout the fall season.