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Environmentally-Supportive Landscapes
Environmentally-Supportive Landscapes

As homeowners, we appreciate our landscapes for their beauty and functionality so we can enjoy our outdoor spaces, a respite from the day-to-day. But in addition to enhancing a home’s surroundings, your landscape can make an environmental difference!

Going green can help nurture wildlife; reduce air, soil, and water pollution; and create healthy recreational spaces for you and your family. At LaurelRock, we embrace sustainable landscaping and encourage our clients to bring green living practices into their landscapes and lives. Whether you are looking to create a new space or modify an existing one, there are easy ways we can incorporate environmentally-friendly practices into your vision.


Native plants naturally adapt in their regional environment, require less water and fertilizer once established, and many provide berries for local birds. Multiple species help to expand the pollinator pathways establishing pollinator-friendly habitats and food sources for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinating insects and wildlife. About 1/3 of the food we eat, such as almonds, berries, and many other fruits and vegetables depend on pollinators.1 LaurelRock’s Designers and Garden & Property Managers are knowledgeable in native plant species and can incorporate these beautiful plants into your landscape so together we promote biodiversity and create a stopover habitat where birds and insects rest, refuel and seek shelter.

native plants
modern irrigation

Experts estimate that more than 50 percent of landscape water gets wasted due to evaporation, wind, or overwatering.1 Our approach is to utilize smart technology to maximize the efficiency of your irrigation system while providing the proper amount of water for optimal plant health. The Hydrawise irrigation controller is our most advanced watering system providing us with system malfunction alerts and 24/7 monitoring. Connected to nearby weather stations, it automatically adjusts watering times based on the forecast and historical data using a predictive watering program, which saves both water and money.


Our team is committed to creating pathways to responsible landscape maintenance by utilizing battery-powered robotic mowers. Robotic mowers offer environmental benefits in that they don’t produce any direct emissions like traditional gas-powered small engines. One gas-powered lawnmower emits 11 times the air pollution of a new car.1 A robotic mower, powered by rechargeable batteries, keeps your lawn looking freshly cut every day and is quiet enough to run at night without waking the neighbors. When it is professionally installed and maintained, you won’t even know it’s there.

battery-powered mower

Let our team start you on the journey towards an environmentally-supportive landscape with these and other sustainable services, contact us today (203) 544-0062.

1The United States Environmental Protection Agency