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Jacob Heitsman

Fine Gardening Field Supervisor
Jacob Heitsman

Jacob Heitsman, LaurelRock’s Fine Gardening Field Supervisor, is a dedicated and highly skilled horticulturist. He is an expert in botany, farming, and the environment, and is a plant identification specialist.

It was his deep adoration for planting and landscaping that previously led Jacob to Jacksonville, Florida, to pursue a career as a horticulture technician at the Jacksonville Zoo and Botanical Gardens. There, Jacob was responsible for the landscape design, planting, and fertilization along with the installation and maintenance of the scenic formal and tropical gardens within the zoo.

In his current role, Jacob leads LaurelRock’s Fine Gardening crews ensuring horticulturally correct pruning of ornamental trees and shrubs, teaching proper perennial care and overseeing flower display installations. What’s more, he is a key player in promoting LaurelRock’s sustainable practices including organic meadow maintenance, green roof and green wall installation, and responsible irrigation water management.

Jacob holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Hartford. He has also focused post-graduate studies on organic gardening, beekeeping, and pest control. He is passionate about educating others in many areas including planting for pollinators and its influence on maintaining species such as the Monarch butterfly, the hummingbird, and bumblebees.