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Erik Bailey

Garden & Property Manager

Erik brings two years of landscape design experience combined with nearly two decades of experience in management to LaurelRock. His career has spanned several different fields all focused on customer care from landscape design to retail to restaurants and hospitality. The through-line that connects it all is a profound dedication to delivering superior customer service while leading various teams to uphold the highest of standards. Erik has a strong ability to build and maintain relationships through proactivity, honesty and insight.

In his previous experience, Erik served as a landscape design lead managing large-scale design projects. His expertise encompasses not only major design installations, but also irrigation systems, hardscape, drainage and day-to-day operations to include fine gardening, pruning, plant health and aesthetics. Through it all, Erik has shown strong leadership and oversight of his teams to ensure each project was delivered within the requested budget.

Erik is a lifelong student and outdoorsman. He has received a BA in Psychology from Union College, a BA in Communications from Pace University and a Culinary Degree from the Institute of Culinary Education. Always in pursuit of opportunities to learn, Erik is currently in pursuit of an associate degree in Horticulture & Landscape Design from The New York Botanical Garden.