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Get Graphic with Your Grass.

Posted 8/30/16 by LaurelRock Admin in Services, Landscaping Tips, Burt's Blog

At LaurelRock, we believe lawns are the stylish extension of any outdoor room.

That’s why mowing a masterpiece not only increases your landscape’s elegance, but also enhances its curbside appeal. The magic and majesty of your lawn is an integral part of your landscape, and using your grass to your landscape’s advantage adds texture, interest, and a decorative touch. 


One Technique: Lawn Striping.

A beautiful, pinstriped look is clean, professional, and as spectacular as ballpark grass. To achieve the look: We use 48-72 inch wide mowers and do an outer perimeter cut first, shooting the cut grass towards the center of the lawn to keep the beds clean. Then, we start with the back and forth parallel lines to create the pinstripes.

Yes! The Grass is Greener with a Masterful Mow.

A good cut begins with a sharp mower blade. All of our mower blades are professionally sharpened every other day to insure a razor-sharp edge and prevent ripping of the grass blades. Most of our mowers have three blades that spin at a rate of over 18,000 feet per minute to create consistent, clean cuts. Additionally, the majority of our mowers are outfitted with mulching blades that triple-cut the grass and distribute it back into the lawn. This follows sustainable guidelines and helps our environment.

When mowing around pools, we frequently use smaller 30-inch push mowers to bag the grass clippings, preventing us from getting clippings in the pool water. After cutting the grass with our mowers, we use line trimmers (weed whips) to carefully cut the grass blades that are reaching in towards the mulch; this recreates a crisp lawn edge every time.  

Most importantly, The LaurelRock Company is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and we are on target to have 90 percent of mowers switched over to propane fuel within the next 3 years.

Did You Know?

Our Garden & Property Managers perform proactive irrigation system checks to troubleshoot problems and keep your system regulated. Feel confident knowing that you have a team that continually checks your system to ensure that your landscape remains beautiful and healthy without wasting water or money.

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